Gstreamer: cannot query time duration?

Ok, I’ve bitten the bullet and am now developing on Ubuntu64 and Codeblocks instead of Windows and VS2010. Too many things in 32bit QuickTime were making it impossible for me to proceed.

BUT! I still can’t get a video coming over rstp: OR http: working.

It has something to do with OF not knowing how to get the duration, which in a stream isn’t important.

“GStreamer: cannot query time duration”

How can I tell OF not to CARE what the duration is and just start playing the frames?

if I stream from my own machine, and point OF at rtsp:// I get,

OF: OF_LOG_WARNING: received a preroll without allocation
OF: OF_LOG_WARNING: GStreamer: unable to change speed

but not the duration error. Any ideas?

can you post the url for a stream that doesn’t work? i think i fixed this but not sure if it was pre-007 or in git

I’m on 007. I’ll try and find a public URL that doesn’t work. Right now I’m trying to use some streams which are local to our network. If I don’t loop it through VLC and just tell OF to look at udp:// I get audio (hurray!) but no video and “OF: OF_LOG_WARNING: received a preroll without allocation” I’m looking into this now.

And when I mouse click to pause I get:

“(UDPmoviePlayerExample:15745): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_clock_entry_reinit: assertion `entry->clock == clock’ failed”

but it does pause and then the audio plays just fine when I un-pause.

Also, it makes no difference between streaming directly from the server:


or looping that through a local VLC and re-streaming it as:


Same result. Audio is fine, no video.

udpMovie.getWidth() also reports the width as 0.00.


Ok, finally back to working on this issue. This command launches from the terminal perfectly:

gst-launch playbin uri=udp://@

Could there be something in the way OF and ofGstVideoPlayer is formatting that?

Again IN OF I get sound, but no pic. Outside OF the gst-launch works perfectly.