Gstreamer and VideoPlayerExample

Hi everyone, I tryed this example with another video different from the one that has in the example.
I get the following error message:

ofGstUtils: gstDurationNanos(): coudln’t query time duration

However if I play it on a gstreamer based player like parole, it works fine.
Has to do with something related to the pipeline? Any idea?
I need to know the kind of video files I can work with.

It works fine with the default video, I have some error message nonetheless:

DstGetHWFeatures: Create File failed
DstDeviceOpen: Opening HW in mode 0
DstDeviceOpen: Create File failed

gstreamer 0.10 (I modified the install_dependencies script to fit this gstreamer version)
oF: 080
OS: Ubuntu 12.04 64 bits
IDE: CodeBlock svn9613

Thanks in advance

in principle anything that plays with gstreamer should work with OF, try using totem the default video player in gnome to see if it works

also posting a sample of the video would help to know what might be the problem

Arturo thanks for answering. All the videos work correctly in Totem and in any Gstreamer based player.
As for VideoPlayerExample all them work, except the one I attached.
Some videos shows a sort of distorted images for seconds befores they begin to play correctly.

As I mentioned before even the video throws some messages I posted to the console, although it works fine.

I tryed to show the codecs and some bitrate issues using ffmpeg, but I didn’t get many clues.

T’his video doesn’t work with the OF sunrise.flv.rar (1.6 MB) the example

Regards, kovi

mmh, yeah doesn’t work for me either with a more recent version of gstreamer, might be something with the format tof the duration of the video but not really sure what is going on, will take a look but it can take a while, can’t you convert it to some other format? my guess is that the .flv container is the problem i would try to turn it into mp4 or mov without touching the compresion format which should be ok

Thanks Arturo, I’ll try another format to see the results.
Anyway I was concerned that the issue had to do with my gstreamer version (0.10)