gstream question

Hey, I’m now using gstream addon for video project.
Here I got some problems, does any one have the same:

  1. I’ve installed windows xp on my mac pro, and gstream can’t run on it. while it works well with my dell computer.

  2. when play mpg file, it seems i can’t stop it playing audio unless i set the volume to 0, even if i don’t call update() method in testApp::update()!!! which cause my code really strange.

  3. speed issue, the framerate always less than 24, even if my video revolution is 300 * 200.

  4. can’t play avi unpacked file.

  5. unicode path, the video path can only contain [a-z]|[A-Z]|_

does any one know how to fix these problems/issues ?

can you try some examples in the examples folder which are related to the stuff you want to do?
if they run without problem, maybe its in your code. if not, maybe you don’t have OF installed correctly?!