GSM SMS project options

I am considering a project that involves sending receiving SMS

what is the best approach?

android/ios mobile phone + arduino


raspberry pi + some gsm shield?

Regarding the first scenario my question is: what mobile to chose to be able to have serial communication between the Arduino + Device,

is standard firmata working under android? do I need to root it etc?

Regarding the second scenario, if I connect the shield to the pi, will it communicate with OF? or it will be a giant pain.

I just need simple sms communication nothing fancy.

looking forward to your feedback regarding this project

Consider using some commercial / free? sms api services.
Maybe one of them:

Sending sms from OF is super simple then. The same situation is with raspberry pi (with wifi module), using arduino you need some sms shield or maybe you can use esp8266 wifi module.

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it looks good.

it needs Internet, but I think it’s good enough for what I have in mind :+1::+1:


What is the current situation with Raspberry pi 3 and OF? is it supported?

can I control the pins ?

I don’t have experience with OF and Rasp. As I know you can run OF on RaspberryPi. Look at this addon
I think another way is using serial/tcp communication between them. It depends on what you want to achieve.

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There are twilio nodes for node red, it will use internet but it is a pretty fast setup. You can use an OSC node in node red to forward the message. Maybe not the most slick solution, but an easy one. Here is a tuorial for the other way around (sending SMS).

There is also an smstools node for node red that can use a GSM usb stick to receive messages.

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There is this FONA board that works pretty good. Check GSM antenna model compatibility with your country.

To send just messages Fona > arduino it’s enough. But If you need to do more things like to save messages Fona > Arduino > RaspberryPI do the work. Might work also Fona > RaspberryPI but you should invest how to do that. With Arduino there is more online documentation about FONA uses.

Check PirateCycle project, the artist could give you more hints if you need it.

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