Growing Vine/Plant Animations for an AV video project

Hey there,

I’m completely new to programming and of!

For a project I’m currently working on I would like to have a jungle like vines grow from the centre of the window in of and expand outwards at different rates, travelling in slightly different directions and then slightly moving once fully grown.

I have the a few books for learning of and I have been bookmarking some tutorials to have a look at, but would anyone be able to give me a little head start on the process.

All The Best!



I suggest you study the work of Soulwire, he has several projects about growing system and generative plants. It’s JS but can be a good start.

Also, these addons might have something you’re looking for;

this might be of interest?

Prusinkiewicz, P. & Lindenmayer, A., 1990. The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants , New York: Springer-Verlag.

you can find a pdf copy on the authors site, plus a load more papers on algorithmic botany

Thank you all for guiding me in the right direction!

I’ll have a little play and I’ll probably be back with more questions :wink:

Sorry, how does one run a JS file?

Thank you!

None of the example files for those Addons will run for some reason? I get the following errors (ofxSpaceColonization)

You have to open the example project with the project generator. The project generator will create the missing file for you. All the examples in that addon are currently tested on win and the current release. Write here if you need some help with that addon :wink:

I dragged the example-branch folder into the project generator and opened in xcode, but it still gave me the same errors :confused: ?

  1. Use the latest version of OF, it is 10.1
  2. Open the project generator, select one of the example contained in the addon
  3. the project generator has now an orange button “Open in IDE”
  4. click on it. This action creates the files needed by visual studio code.

Thank you! I got the example to run.

any idea why I’m running into this error? I have defined ofxBranchesPrimitive tube; in the headerfile?

I want the branches/vines to grow outwards from the centre of the coordinates system (on the lefthand side) at 15 degree intervals, but I can’t get the first bit of code in…

float x; = radius * cosf(theta);

This is wrong. It should be

float x = radius * cosf(theta);

I would suggest you to take some tutorial in c++ first, and learn at least how to define a variable before to getting started in a project as such, it will make your experience way more enjoyable.