Groetjes uit Nederland!

Greetings from The Netherlands!

My name is Reinier, I’m an interaction Design student from the Utrecht School of the Arts, I am in the midst of a project involving a 40x2,5 meter interactive wall and I bring many questions!

I just wanted to introduce myself before I unleashed a torrent of n00b (‘n00b’; the virtual green gooey bubbling substance) … I know nothing about C++ …

so… many thanks for this awesome forum!
I hope to be spending some time here.



cool to see that you embraced my advice :wink:
cya monday!

haha indeed!

although i might dive into OF just for fun,
because the mighty wall is probably not going to be made with OF… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Reinier,

Have you worked with other programming languages? Things like actionscript 3 in flash, javascript or java? Anyway, this book:…-182&sr=1-1

Has been a great help to me. The people on the cover are quite scary but at least the things they write make sense. But you’ll need a basics in programming to start with this one.

Groetjes uit belgië :slight_smile:

many thanks!

I will take a look inside…

I started in the ‘C++ for dummies’, that I forgot I had…

Yeah, I tend to push that dummy stuff to the back of my mind as well.
It’s those yellow covers. Pure evil. :wink:

Anyway, knock yourself out with the code stuffs and keep me posted on what you’re making rather curious!

A sense of citizenship also forces me to invite you to this:

take care.