GridComposer - Music/Harmony/Rhythm App

Hello forum,

over the last year I was working on this small musical-“toy” app, build with OF and tonic-audio. Its nearly ready for the app review, I still need to change a few things and create some marketing materials.

You can use the app to play around with music, harmonies and rhythms while creating visual patterns on three grids. It has a few build-in synths, but also midi-out and can be used as a controller interface, which is great fun :grin:

You can take a look on those preview vids to get an impression how this works.

You can give it a try with the OSX binary…

…or better, if you are interested I can send out some Testflight invites for your iOS devices. This should run fine down to ipad2 and iphone4s.

I also made a small reference gist with some more details here:

Once the review process is (hopefully) done I will also upload the source on github.


I finally released GridComposer to the appstore. This was really a big project for me an probably not possible without OF :blue_heart:

The source is also now on github ( maybe someone will find it helpful.

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It looks really nice! Congratulations

ty :grin: