Greetings from the West Coast Area of Holland

Hello oF community,

Ive been wondering around here a bit on this forum, and I guess its time to introduce myself.

Im Bardo and am currently living in The Hague (Netherlands). Im a 3rd year student at the Royal Academy of Arts where Im following the ArtScience bachelor program. Im mainly interested in programming for the creation of live cinema/audiovisual performances, for which I prefer to work with real-time generated image and sound (the latter Im currently trying to create from SuperCollider, but I also still work with more conventional synthesizers and such), and on the longer run I hope to incorporate these elements into music theater pieces.

I started with programming with Processing about a year ago. Recently I got interested in openFrameworks for its advantages in speed and stability, and my increasing interest in getting to know a more serious and low level programming language. Also a reason for me to switch is because Im a bit disappointed with the sound support in Processing/Java, and am looking forward in doing more with sound through oF.

Hey! Here another OF’r in West Holland…also from The Hague!
Maybe we could build a small community here? Surely some people from the KABK must be willing to learn Open Frameworks

Ha, well I don’t know. I was one of the first to dive into OF at the KABK, and since then most have been reluctant to look into it (they rather stay with Processing or Max).

But nowadays there is a ‘code lab’ at the ArtScience department, and one of the tutors there knows a bit about OF, so hopefully someday more students will try it out there… :wink: