Greenpeace // Save the bees

Hi all,

I’m very proud to share our involvement on Greenpeace project to help the bees.
We used OF0.9, OpenCV, live cameras and Robots.

and here the making of:

Xavi Tribó @ Xavi’s Lab // Glassworks Barcelona


Congrats, I love it !

Bravo, nice job!

love the natural > digital > human aspect

beautiful and inspiring! thank you for sharing


Quite amazing. I love all the technologies and themes you blended together seamlessly for a truly powerful effect! :slightly_smiling:

Great project! The bee tracking seems to work pretty well. Would you mind sharing the code?..

Muy bueno !!, espero que no te picaran muchas :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I’ve seen the project in the Spanish news this morning (TVE)

Nice work Xavi. Couldn’t make out all the Spanish though, any English subs perhaps?

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congrats! totally love it :slight_smile:

here with English subs

wow. beeatiful!

very nice ! muy lindo !