granular sythesis and time stretching

hi OFs !

i’ve seen things like this :
and i was thinking if there is any code available for granular synthesis to work towards time-stretching.

on this post it says it’s based on classes from Zach …

we’re working on an audiovisual sampler engine (called Playmodes) ::
and we’re facing some problems when moving the header randomly, as “clicks” (or sound discontinuities) appear and they’re ugly to hear.

any other ideas on how to face a “declicking” process on a real-time situation ?

thanks !


sorry for the super slow response.

There are two methods to work with this… The first one is having multiple playheads, each with a fade in and fade out (AR) envelope on the volume. Make sure you are fully faded out before you move the playhead.

The second one is to just put a lowpass filter on the output. This might not work as well depending on the situation though.