graffanalysis + ps3eye


I have a slight problem with the openframeworks program graffanalysis 2.0(capture)

I have tried to use the integrated web camera, that works fine.
Now I want to do exactly the same thing, but with a external web camera: ps3 eye.

The program loads fine, but the camera wont show up, it’s just a black screen.

Im using CL-Eye (driver) for the ps3Eye.
With the CL-Eye test the camera works fine, not so with Graffanalysis.

This is the message when it loads:

***** VIDEOINPUT LIBRARY - 0.1995 - TFW07 *****

SETUP: Looking For Capture Devices
SETUP: 0> PS3Eye Camera
SETUP: 1 Device found

SETUP: Setting up device 0
SETUP: PS3Eye Camera
SETUP: Couldn’t find preview pin using SmartTee
SETUP: Default Format is set to 640 by 480
SETUP: trying format RGB24 @ 320 by 240
SETUP: trying format RGB24 @ 320 by 240
SETUP: Capture callback set
SETUP: Device is setup and ready to capture.

It seems like everything works fine, except it’s not showing picture it’s just a black screen.

Can anybody help solve this problem, it would just make my day.

(temporarly unemployed <:=D)