Graduate Programs similar to MFA IN Computational Arts at Goldsmiths

Hello Coders! I am very new to openFrameworks (or anything that falls under creative coding and computational / algorithmic design in general)
I have about 4 years of experience with experimental and IDM inspired music/sound/noise arts but I have only used softwares like MAX , Ableton and VCV Rack. I was introduced to the whole AV Performance and Light-Sound Installation artworks a few months ago, I know some basics of Touchdesigner but felt like A Masters that could help me combine my knowledge of electronic sound arts with teaching me the unfamiliar side of Creative Coding (openFrameworks, Processing) would be a better choice to start performing and make an actual living.

I found the MFA Computational Arts Program at Goldsmiths pretty spot on to whatever I am talking about, Its a bit over my budget unfortunately, considering the monthly expenses in London as well. Being from India, I can afford about €5-6k / year. I have a bachelors in Physics and Math if you were wondering. Even though I will give my best shot at getting some funding or scholarship options using my Portfolio and past knowledge with similar computational softwares (MSP/Jitter) ; I feel like I should try other college options as well. Mostly want the ones in Europe because of the obvious reasons of high cost for US Colleges in general. The main issue for me searching the programs/colleges is how less familiar I am with technical terms in these design/art colleges for such an interdisciplinary subject. I have shortlisted few very good Sonic Arts programs (As A Backup) but I felt like I am already familiar with topics that might be taught in such programs so A Good Creative-coding and Interactive visuals - oriented program would be the most value - for money.

TLDR; pretty much the title ; MFA / MA / MSc Programs involving Experimental / Generative Audiovisual Performance Arts where I can learn oF/Jitter/Interactive Installations & AV Performance in much more detail with Hands-on experience.

Idk if such college recommendations posts are appreciated or entertained and I sincerely apologize if it isn’t. LMK if I should indeed ask on different subreddits involving this kind of artform. Thanks a lot for your time. Have a great day :slight_smile:

I graduated from Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) last year and did the MA in New Media Design and Production. I had a great experience there and would be happy to answer any question you may have! It may be a right fit for you as they have a great interdisciplinary approach to this kind of stuff.

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Hey! Thanks for the insight. And Yes, I would love to have a quick chat, about the course as well as in general about the field of experimental AV performance. I checked out some of your works on your website and I liked them a lot! Would it be okay if I dropped you a message through the Contact portal on your website?

Drop me an email directly, I’m private messaging you my id.