Grad student in Interactive Media

Hello OF universe!

I am a second year grad student at NYU’s ITP program. I have a long background in audio engineering and production, and I taught as an adjunct for a few years. I play guitar, keys, bass, and sing (my first album is out today on Spotify - shameless plug!!). I love to make visuals with music and modular synthesis. You can see some of my latest work on Instagram at @lowspeedinternet (shameless plug 2!!) where I have been doing some synthesis and visuals in p5.js and Max.

I will be using OF this semester in two classes - Sensing Machines and Listening Machines, both of which look to be amazing. I hope I can be a good contributor to this community. And I’m always down to collaborate so holler.

Billy B

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Hi Billy, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

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Hey Billy! Welcome to the forum.

I’ve had a history in doing visuals and currently use modular synths a lot (although, music is not my primary interest, I do a lot of other visual work as well!). Here’s my own shameless plug, my masters thesis from earlier this year, built using oF, something which may interest you!

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@ayruos whoa that looks dope! I tried to follow the Vimeo link but it is private? I would love to see it if you don’t mind. Best - BB

Oops, sorry about that, I thought I’d set the video to be public but apparently I hadn’t! Well, it should work now! :slight_smile:

Hmm now the link isn’t working at all -

This should be the full link (+ showing fine on my Github)” [The ending part is important and part of the link]


Ok, I see it now! Thanks for sharing, that is quite the aural assault, whereas the visuals are rather soft and nice. Video synthesis is a very interesting topic to me. Should be interesting to get the RPi 4 going with all that extra RAM :slight_smile: