grab desktop

Hi! I have looking for a long time if there is already a post about this… i’m convinced that it is, because i remember something… but… unfortunately i haven’t found.
So… i want to grab what i see on my desktop (really only my chrome windows). Now i have tried with CamTwist… but i don’t know why… quality is too low!
So… there is some solution in oF to grab my desktop? “grabScreen” of ofImage works only inside my application, right!?

For movies I like iShowU HD

Quicktime X has some recording functionality

Thanks for the answer… but, maybe i didn’t ask the right question. Sorry for my english. :slight_smile:
I need to grap my desktop because i need to use this image, change pixel and doing stuff. With CamTwist it works but quality is too low. Some suggestion?

Oh I get it - you want to grab an application and use the pixel data inside of OF?

One thing about CamTwist is that you can change the resolution in the preferences. You will have to restart CamTwist in order for the changes to take effect. It still may not be the quality you want.

maybe another option is to use something like ofxBerkelium

Wow, thanks a lot!!!
I think i could use ofxBerkelium… probably this night i try! I will tell you if it works as soon as possible!