gpuParticleSystemExample does not work on macOS High Sierra

I update the macOS to High Sierra 10.13, and the gpuParticleSystemExample draws nothing but a single line text shows the FPS with a black background, the app was build on OS10.12.6 and it works well that time.
I rebuild the app again on OS10.13 but nothing changed.
I tried many other examples under the “gl” folder, all works.
This looks like a system problem but want to know if anyone else got the issue.

Could anyone who updated to 10.13 test the example and tell me the resault?
that won’t take much time, the example is located in examples\gl
Thanks a lot

I test with 10.13, the example works well.

// settings.setGLVersion(2, 1); // Fixed pipeline
settings.setGLVersion(3, 2); // Programmable pipeline

changed the GL version, it works again

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Thank you so much! This solved my problem too.