GPU support and 64bit OS's?

So, I finally got OpenCV to compile with CUDA support ON, then I realized since I’m on a 64 bit machine, with 64 bit drivers, I probably need mu OF apps as 64bit to take advantage of this? Also, if OF is so integrated with Quicktime, and there’s no 64bit Quicktime, how does that work?


I’m just going to roll over into 64bit Linux and CodeBlocks with the 64bit distro of OF, since the lack of 64bit Quicktime is deal breaker.


i think that’s correct – as i understand it, it’s not possible to compile OF for 64-bit OSX exactly because of quicktime. please post your results with linux, i’m curious to see gpu cv running!


are you sure you need the 64bit stuff for running cuda under a 64bit os?! … at least under osx snow leopard I have gpu::cv working.