GPU percentage readout?

Is there an add-on or other solution for outputting GPU usage in OF?

You could always use something like gdbugger ( if you’re just curious about generally what’s going on in the GPU. If you need more specific stats about your graphics cards, this can tell you what your card is capable of: Not quite sure if that’s answering your question though.

Thanks josh! I’m hoping to set a threshold GPU usage in my app, whereupon if exceeded, the number of shader-based processes would be reduced.

Ah, ok. I don’t know of anything that lets you inspect GPU memory usage (or any system-wide memory usage for that matter). You might just be able to do a simple timing on a render to get a sense of how long a single frame is taking and adjust based on that?

Is there anything like this in an App on OSX maybe? Just to monitor how much headroom there is for more stuff…

I’ve found OpenGL Driver Monitor in the Developers tools but I don’t get anything from it, way too complicated, so something easy would be nice

For now, I’m just putting a cap on the number of polys I draw rather than have that scale. I’m using atMonitor (separate OSX app) to monitor GPU.