GPU ParticleSystem for iOS

Hi there,

has anyone managed to implement a gpu particle system for iOS? So compatible for OpenGL ES 2 that is version supported by OF for iOS?

I tried to convert ofxGpuPaticles before, than later the built in of example gpuParticleSystemExample, but I’m still far from a result.

I think the limitations I have encountered can be overcome by adding compatibility to opengl es, but i hope to be wrong.

ofxGpuPaticles update (gl_FragData ) several texture (position, velocity) using update shader and this is not available for OpenGL ES 2 (source1, source2)

I found gpuParticleSystemExample that was great because update separately position and velocity, but the main problem are:

  • GL_RGB32F not available for ES 2. I’m not sure if is a opengl es limitation or OF implementation.

Any help would be very much appreciate! :smile:

that’s an OpenGL ES limitation AFIK