GPU jpg decoding - for media server project

Hi there,

Just received a bunch of Zotac ZBOX CA320 for another project.
These are cheap quad core AMD APUs that can play HD video quite well but obviously will quickly reach its limits. I don’t think it could handle dual full HD outputs. I think i will have some tests. Let me know if you interested in feedback with those tiny pc.

I think image sequence is a good way to go. Also i often use Hap codec and it is really efficient ressource wise !

PS : i recon big media servers like d3 use dedicated SMTP card to sync but i often use Dataton Watchout and it has clients/server architecture and i would be interested in knowing how it manages sync as it doesn’t use any dedicated hardware for that purpose. Seems it is uses ethernet to sync. By the way, Watchout uses a server to mark original video with virtual displays. Once in online mode, video is sliced and every part is sent to respective client players behind each projector then played in sync according to server timeline.

By the way, take a look at the following projects if not already done, maybe there is some tricks you can find there :

Hi everyone !

The project has happened, we had an intense phase of testing, rehearsing, to try to make the best software/hardware choices… The project is running (sneak preview here: but I still need to tweak some parts of the software before sharing it with everyone…
Basically, we were synchronizing 6x 720p sequences at 60fps, using 3 NUC computers.

Here are my main findings:

  • images sequences are best, easy to distribute, update, and synch.
  • Fast disk access (ssd or ramdisk) is mandatory.
  • Synch over UDP is rather reliable on a Gigabite network, up to 60fps (I need to do more research or clock and synch for synch above 60fps).
  • Hardware can vary, small barebone computers are flexible and cost efficient, but I consider cheaper devices (raspi2) for future development.

I’m now looking for a new project to fund the next part of the development…

Poke me in a few weeks if I haven’t released code + info here…

Hi Joanie,

Great to hear ! Nice job in blueprint.

I try to sync 3 macmini with VDMX and OSC without success… i am definitely eager to try your solution !

keep going :wink:

Very nice to hear from your project, I would love to take a look of your solution soon

Very nice findings @JoanieLemercier :smile:
What network interface turned out to be the best ?
I’m working on a mapping software(very early stage) and I’m also very interested in synchronising real-time data with RaspberryPi clients.

Are these the repos you mentioned ? (poke)