GPT 4 code interpreter and OF

GPT 4 writes Openframeworks C++ code very well but it has been hampered by the ability to upload data files. Code interpreter the new feature makes this a snap. See example below:

When given just written original boardgame rules, code interpreter:

  • helps format the game data for upload.
  • Programs the game in python
  • plays it correctly
  • prints the correct output
  • We then create a C++ application
  • I then use to generate play sessions

Hope this helps anyone else playing with GPT 4 stuff :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing that thoughts, @rod_humble ,

Do you have more new tips/feelings for a common OF dev?

Have you also tried the new plugins?

Why do you say “hampered by the ability to upload data files”?
it seems that having to copy/paste every time is more tedious than uploading a GitHub repo link or/and some text file with your code. Maybe a zip it can be uploaded with the OF src…

This is a cool and free alternative to GPT4.
Seems less careful about the privacy of what you interact.
It handles files too. And looks even better for coding in some benchmarks.
For using it out of US, you can use a VPN. The free bundled into Opera browser works fine.

I am, but being disappointed about you have to pay extra tokens to use the GPT API.
The GPT 4 plugins for GitHub link reading and the file attachments are cool for an OF assistant.
I will probably unsubscribe…