GPS routes data visualization

HI there,

I’m looking for a developer to create some data visualizations for me using gps tracked data

Examples I like:

Anyone interested?


I’m interested. Tell more details. PM or here.

here are some of generative visuals of mine:

Hey man,

I have loads of .gpx files and looking to create a framework with a number of variables (e.g colour / opacity etc) to create some unique visualisations like the ones i referenced in my initial post.

I have a small budget and looking to turn this around quickly.

Is this something you’d be interested in developing? If so, how quick would it be to do a test with one of my gpx files?

Thanks might come in handy.

It could take from one to few weeks. Depends on what do you want to achieve. Are you looking for hi-res prints or interactive visuals? How many files do you have? Are you planning to make a multipage collection? what about typography? or its just abstract images?