GPIO connected screen not showing openFrameworks visuals


I am running Raspbian Jessie on a Pi 2 with openFrameworks generating moving visuals on screen. All works well as long as I use an HDMI screen.

I want to show the visuals on a Tontec® 3.5 Inches Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi TFT LCD 480x320 (the version with the screen screwed on to the case, not the screen that forms a flap (can’t get this version to work, but never mind)) which connects via GPIO. ( … ge_o01_s01)

I managed to have the 3.5" screen display the visual user interface (desktop) and this works well. But if I run my openFrameworks programme I can see the code loaded in the console but the visuals it generates are only shown via HDMI. I would be very grateful if someone could tell me what I’m doing wrong.

This is how I have set up the 3.5" screen:
sudo raspi-config

enable SPI and reboot
sudo rpi-update
sudo reboot
sudo nano /boot/config.txt

sudo nano /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-fbturbo.conf

change from HTMI to small screen: option … fb0 to fb1
sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt

add: fbcon=map10 at end of line and reboot


p.s. It may be connected that the command lines shown when booting the Pi do only show via HDMI too. And if I boot to console I do not get anything on the 3.5" screen.