Google is saying this site has malware..

…no idea why. I usually see this on reputable sites when they run ads and someone has slipped something nasty in there, but AFAIK there’s nothing like that on here.

Just a heads up in case you see a drop in traffic because Google has a big scary red WARNING page whenever people try accessing the site, at least using Chrome.

thanks for the info,

yes last night a page got hacked to add some funky javascript, and we fixed it, and are waiting for google to recheck the domain. It’s been fixed, and I’ve checked everything out again, with several online scanners and it should be ok, but we’ll be keeping an eye out on it, to make sure it’s all ok.

we’ll also take a look at how to prevent this moving forward – and quite apologetic if we’ve caused anyone any problem or inconvenience.

thanks again,

Hi people,

Here the “reason” explained by Google:"> … rome&hl=en

its posible that the page was hacked because his traffic are incresing thanks to the community forum(this is very good), if the scripts was deleted, no problem just time to google recheck.

OF power! :smiley:

Ah, that’d do it. I hate that you have to spend as much time maintaining your stuff online as you do actually being productive, just because some people are jerks.

The malware warning’s back again. The main site has what looks to be extra javascript from some domain added to each page.

And now I have lots of nice spyware programs in my comp. They have a horrible interface, at leaast they might have tried openframeworks!!

good thing i’m on linunx. :stuck_out_tongue:

have logins/passwords of visitors during the hacked period possibly been compromised?

Google is (still) giving me this warning…

Kind of annoying.
But oh well…

It happened to me once when the server had been hacked - really scary episode. Make sure you don’t leave any files writable.


should contact google about that issue. I had the same issue as yours mine is saying my site is fishing attack site.

I don’t have any warnings… May be Google reconsidered the forum…