Good Practices: credits and licenses statements on Software

H there, I’m close to distribute my first iOS App using OpenFrameworks and their addons.
I’m very glad of the effort the of this community… helping, developing tools, solving bugs and so on…

The app is an interactive book of 9 poems from 9 Brazilian Poets, curated by a very special writer over here. The whole process was amazing. After the publication here I will post the link for app.

I want know what is the best way to give the correct credits and license statement for each piece of sotware that I used.

Fundamentally I used Shaders, ofxaddons, html/javascript libraries and the core OF.

How can I make this properly? I need to give the credit for each software?


There’s credit which you want to acknowledge and then licensing text that you must distribute. The former is up to you, the later requires more (legal) attention.

Depending on which libraries you’ve used they might have some licensing text on their own in which it’s explicitly mentioned that you must reproduce the license text. OF is MIT, so you can probably do whatever you want, but some addons might have LGPL or even GPL code. Their respective license texts already express what you need/ought to do.

Anyways, IANAL