good native alpha video player needed

i know of all the posts on this forum regarding alpha videos and sollution to the troubles.
i myself have used together with perian codecs (on mac these codecs adds filetype support to native quicktime player, flv with alpha for example.)

however my point is that the (mac) sollution above is a hack.
what is needed heavily is not a hack but a build in option to play flv videos as textures or whatever as long as the alpha channel in the videos are used.

im supprised this is not natively done in of as cinder has it running from day one if i remember correctly (have tried the alpha flv thing in both frameworks.)

back to the point is it on the schedule to be included in future soonish versions or should someone (not me im noob in c++) get it going with support for both mac and linux and windows.

ps. my reason for all this is my beginning trying to develop another piece of simple vj software with alpha support for flv videos. not so heavy on gpu kind of thing.

– thanx for reading my thoughts! :slight_smile:

You should be able to get alpha with PNG or Animation codec on Mac OS X with little issue. If you use the QTKit video player, it ought to work.