Good Hello World compiling demo?

I’ve just installed according to these directions:

I’m trying to follow along with this example:

I’m getting an error “error: ofMain.h: No such file or directory”

In the “Getting started” example, it says:

So first off, if you don’t already have oF download it from here and follow this guide to setting up your IDE and compiling an example test project to make sure everything works.

Where “this guide” links to the same installation directions I listed above. But they are just installation instructions, they don’t provide any example of “compiling an example test project.”

Where could I find good instructions on “compiling an example test project?”

If you everything set up correctly, you can just run the application in apps/examples/EmptyExampl or any of the other examples applications. Your environment isn’t set up correctly though, so maybe the actual codeblock project file that you’re using is in the wrong place? If you’ve just downloaded the sample application from Stephens site, you’ll need to place it in a folder like apps/stuff or in apps/examples, as long as it’s 2 folders down from the main OF folder in apps. You also need to make sure that the project has everything it needs to compile OF, so you can either just copy/paste apps/examples/emptyExample and then replace its source files with the new ones (, or you can use the wizards that are included with the OF download in scripts. Using the wizard is better, but it’s a few more steps to set up correctly. Hope that helps some.

I have realized what was my noob error.

I assumed the “setup guide” would list everything I needed for openFrameworks, so I never downloaded the actual openFrameworks library. That seems important, to say the least.