GLUT / wxWindows / native GUI elements

Hey all

I’m looking for a way to up my interface by using some native OS GUI elements.
I’ve got a couple of questions about this:

  1. Does anybody have an example of how to use GLUT to make GUI elements (afaik, this is what openFrameworks is currently using for menus, preference dialogues)
  2. Is there a tidy way of making wxWindows work with openFrameworks? or will they end up showing as two seperate apps? (i’m mostly on osx but need to port to windows as well)
  3. is it possible to override the existing menu options? (e.g. save, preferences, print)

When you mean wxWindows I assume you mean ?

OF uses GLUT for creating a window, but is not using it for any GUI elements. GLUT has some basic GUI elements but they are pretty basic and pretty ugly.

The latest versions of OF enable you to use an alternate window manager if you want (like wxWidgets), and there are probably some examples on the forums, but there’s no quick and easy way to set this up yet. This will not create two windows…it will just create one.

OF has some OpenGL based GUI addons which you can use and customise, just search the forums or check the external addon list on the website.

Regarding the preferences and save menus, I think these are OS specific and GLUT specific, so overriding them would depend on the platform (and I’m not sure you could do this using GLUT on OSX, but I’m not sure).

I know this doesn’t answer your questions, but glut does have a super minimal pop-up menu:…-ode35.html

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