Compiling and running my app in debug mode yielded the following gdb error:


dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: _glutDragEventFunc
dyld: Symbol not found: _glutDragEventFunc

Apparently glutDragEventFunc is declared in libs/glut/lib/osx/GLUT.framework/Headers/glut.h
as follows:

//#ifdef GLUT_OF_007_HACK
extern void APIENTRY glutDragEventFunc(void (*func)(char ** fileNames, int nFiles, int dragX, int dragY));

Despite GLUT_OF_007_HACK is commented out, i could get rid of the gdb error by
defining GLUT_OF_007_HACK on top of glut.h
#define GLUT_OF_007_HACK

Allthough this seems to work, i’m confused why GLUT_OF_007_HACK still has an influence and uncertain about further implications when enabling it. I also presumed this hack must be rather old if the OF_007 part refers to a version.

OS X: 10.6.6
Xcode: 3.2.5
OF: HEAD of master branch