GLUI widgets in openFrameworks

In order to use a more traditionnal GUI for my openFrameworks program I decided to move the GLUI widget interface (2.36) to my project.
You can find GLUI here :

A little hacking was necessary to make it working.

Thinking that maybe other persons could be eventually interested I made an OF project (0.061) of each of the 6 GLUI examples in 3 formats :

  • Macintosh XCode
  • Windows Codeblocks
  • Windows VS2008

I have no Linux installation to compile it.

You can test from here the projects and compiled binaries :
(url modified)

One object was not able to compile with VS2008 : the file browser,
so it was necessary to exclude ‘glui_filebrowser.cpp’ from the VS2008 projects and the example 6 could not be compiled (but you can see the project, maybe there is someone who has an idea of the errors)
Anyway I prefere to use GLUI_list with ofxDirList.

I added also some variables to control the colors of the interface and I show it in example 4.
See the document “Modifications.rtf” for more information.

I would be glad to answer any question about this project.

Bernard Geyer, 11 february 2010


I first thought the spinner object is much too fast on windows and so I add a variable to control the global speed of all spinners. Later I realized that the speed is depending on the frame rate and with ofSetVerticalSync(true); it is normal. (It seems that on the Mac vertical sync is always on ?)

Anyway it is usefull to control globally the speed and not only on a widget basis, specially when working with integer values with a step of 1.

Looks great, thanks for posting.

This is great. I was actually looking at GLUI to build an interface for my OF project when I came across this post. Getting it working myself would have been a mess since I’m kind of new to C++.


Please tell me if you find bugs.

What kind of projects do you do ?


Links are broken; is this floating around anywhere else? Sounds great.

I tested every link : all are working.
Maybe the server was down just when you tried to download ?

weird…all links not working for me either.


can you upload the links again??

Well, I put the files here (on the same server), hope it works now

Some object (file browser) don’t work with visual studio but work with codeblocks.
For this reason the compilation of project 6 will fail on visual studio.
There is no such problem in xcode.

However in xCode it is necessery to make sure that vertical sync is on.


i was taking a look to the code , and turning it into an addon.
I figured out the compilation problem, ( under Win vc++ )
you have to compil using Multi-Byte Character Set

Configuration Properties > General. Switch Character Set to “Use Multi-Byte Character Set”

see you

Links are not working :frowning: any mirrors?

None of the links above seems to be working, which is a shame since GLUI seems like the perfect solution for many of our problems! So in case someone is still looking for an easy way to integrate GLUI in openFrameworks, I made a simple example (non-addon) using GLUI to manipulate some rudimentary values. You can find it here:
and a screenshot:

I find GLUI particularily nice for manipulating matrices and similar data structures, because of its flexible and simple layout. (No more compiling and running just to get that matrix transform right!) And since it is so easy to integrate, it’s also easy to remove from your project!

The only thing it lacks is copy/paste from OS, but this is the case for most UIs easily integrated with OF.