GLUI problem

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to add some GLUI controls to an of app. Following some examples posted on this forum. I’m setting it up like this.

 glui = GLUI_Master.create_glui_subwindow(glutGetWindow(), GLUI_SUBWINDOW_RIGHT);  
    glui->set_main_gfx_window(glutGetWindow() );  
    glui->add_button( "Test", 0, gluiCallback );  

All works swimmingly except one big problem. The application will only draw when the mouse cursor is over the of bit and not the GLUI sub-window. It doesn’t matter if it;s a subwindow or a seperate window.

I’ve tried adding in handles for set_glutIdleFunc and so on but I’m stuck. Any pointers would be much appreciated. :?: