Glsl shader for adaptive thresholding?

hello friends,

i’m working with black-on-white images (shapie on paper) and need to turn them into clean white-on-black video; i’d like to do it with a GLSL shader, but would like a smarter-then-the-most-basic thresholding algorithm (i.e. smoothing, adaptive, …).

has anyone here work with one?


Does something like help at all? It’s not adaptive but I think you could start with something like that perhaps.

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I was also wondering about this. Did you ever find any adaptive threshold shader?

@joshuajnoble It looks like is no more, do you remember what was in that link?

Edit: nvm! I found it on the wayback machine

kernel vec4 threshold(sampler image, float midPoint, float range )


  vec4 pixel=unpremultiply( sample(image, samplerCoord(image)) );

  float high = midPoint + range * 0.5;

  float low = midPoint – range * 0.5;


  high = min(1.0, high);

  low = max(0.0, low);


  float brightness = 0.3 * pixel.x + 0.59 * pixel.y+ 0.11 *pixel.z;


  brightness = step( low, brightness ) * brightness;


  brightness = brightness + step(  high, brightness );

  brightness = min( 1.0, brightness );


  pixel.x = pixel.y =pixel.z = brightness;


  return premultiply(pixel);