Global install OpenFrameworks in /usr/local/include


I’m trying to play around with OpenFrameworks and avoid IDE’s like X-Code and Visual Studio. I just want to use vim and command line. I’m on OS Mojave 10.14.4.

So far I’ve downloaded an OF release using brew cask install openframeworks, I’ve exported OF_ROOT in my .bashrc and I can compile and run example apps fine with make && make RunRelease.

However, to help with playing around with OF, I want to also leverage the semantic suggestions/autocomplete I have with YCM. So, when I’m including the Of header files, I want YCM to be able to find the files and do its thing. I don’t want to make all the header paths relative to my project, so I’d like to ideally make everything globally available, so like in /usr/local/include/. Currently YCM can’t find the header files and just gives me a “file not found” error, but the project will still compile.

I’ve already tried symlinking /libs/openFrameworks to my usr/local/include but that only fixed the first level of imports as files like ofMain.h also has #include statements which can’t be resolved by YCM.

How do I go about this? Is there an easy way to integrate OF with vim + YCM? Thanks!