GLFW Looking for help


I don’t know where to go for help for this. I am trying to code in Xcode with GLFW and I can’t build my project. All I get is “GLFW/glfw3.h” file not found main.cpp.
This is the top of main.cpp:




#include <GLFW/glfw3.h>

#include <glm/vec4.hpp>

#include <glm/mat4x4.hpp>

#include <vulkan.h>

And if I comment out <GLFW/glfw3.h> I get:
“gym/vec4.hpp” file not found main.cpp

Its something with the includes but I don’t know what.

Hi, what is that you are trying to do.
glm and glfw are already included in OF.
You might want to put those #defines in ofConstants.h file, in case these are not already there.

I’m not looking for help with openFrameworks in particular - just help with GLFW and GLM. They don’t have a GLFW and GLM only forum that I could find. Thanks for the advice for the constants.

Hi, I see. I recommend you to use openFrameworks then. It will make your coding life easier.
If you insist on just going with plain GLFW and GLM then in the xcode project, click over the project in the project navigator,( left pane, press command-1to show it) and you’ll see the project settings. Look at the screenshot. Use the search field. Add the correct include routes in header search paths and the paths to the static libraries in other linker flags if you are using static libraries.

I"d use open frameworks but it doesn’t have Vulkan support, right?

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OF does not support Vulcan at the moment. Although @tgfrerer might give you a good hint.