Glew linker error in openframeworks while trying to compile examples

this is my first time using this kind of creative coding framework but after I downloaded openframeworks from official site it compiled fine after installing all its dependencies but when i try to compile example i get Glew linker error like:

/Downloads/Compressed/of_v20201013_linux64gcc6_release/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/lib/linux64/libopenFrameworks.a(ofBufferObject.o):ofBufferObject.cpp:function ofBufferObject::Data::Data(): error: undefined reference to '__GLEW_ARB_direct_state_access'

/Downloads/Compressed/of_v20201013_linux64gcc6_release/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/lib/linux64/libopenFrameworks.a(ofBufferObject.o):ofBufferObject.cpp:function ofBufferObject::allocate(long, unsigned int): error: undefined reference to '__glewNamedBufferData'

I have correctly installed glew too using command sudo pacman -S glew and my other opengl projects compile fine while linking them with glew.

anything i am missing here?

P.S. : I had to redefine path in the makefile of example to find the downloaded openframeworks folder. Not sure why that had broken in fresh download.

those error above gets thrown when trying to build aur version of openframeworks too.

I am running manjaro kde btw.

Did you do all of the steps described here: ?

Yes I did that. While installing dependencies there was opencv error

Updating ofxOpenCV to use openCV4
sed: can't read /addons/ofxOpenCv/ No such file or directory
sed: can't read /addons/ofxOpenCv/ No such file or directory

and had to modify ROOT to point to the main directory openframeworks of in Hope this has nothing to do with the linker error.

Hmm. Sounds like some config detail, but I don’t know enough about the build configuration to know what to suggest. I’m sure there are those here who do, but I’m not sure whom to ping. Hopefully one of them will notice and come to the rescue.

Im not an expert but im using it in linux (ubuntu) without any problem… maybe your arch is installing a much newer glew version? in ubuntu seems while in arch seems 2.2.0-2.

Dont know how to solve it, i will try downgrading glew version, or trying a nightly build… IMO

downgrading glew to 2.1.0-1 worked. but any idea why the latest 2.2.0-2 didn’t work?