Glesv1_cm not installed. in Ubuntu mate 16.04

Hello! I am new to Openframeworks and I encounter some problems when trying to run Openframeworks in Raspberry Pi3. I need some help!

I have installed the Ubuntu mate 16.04, and successfully ran the and Everything ran without any error at all. But when i ran into the polygonExamples, and tried to make it, it came back with this error:

glesv1_cm not installed. Did you run the latest
(which I did)

Actually I don’t care what i run, I just want something that could be run Ppenframworks in raspberry pi.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you very much!

I have same problem. did you solve the issue?

It’s recommended to use Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi 3 (using the Arm6 version) and Arch Linux for Arm7 based installations. Have you tried any of those distros?