GLES/Raspberry Pi shaders on desktop?


i think you are missing the header files in the data folder in the github example


Yup I mentioned that in the README, those headers are platform dependant so I’ve not included them in the repo but what they should contain are written in the README.


There was a small mistake in the header of the Pi vertex shader, fixed in the readme!


Hi there, sorry if this is considered off-topic, but I am in the same situation where I am developing a cross-platform app for RPi and Mac where I would like to use shaders — I am running into the “failed to add service — already in use?” error when attempting to use the Full KMS OpenGL driver on the Pi. I’ve read before that the only way to get it to work is to use the Legacy driver, is this still the case?

I’m running an RPi 3 B+ with Stretch. Do I need to downgrade to Jessie instead?


Stretch is fine, but you’d still need to use the legacy drivers.

Here’s an updated guide for Stretch.

For cross platform shaders, you can take a look at this.