gl3w undefined functions

Hi all! i’m a n00b working with c++ and opengl so I dont know if what im trying to do is the right way.

In my project i’m working with ofxIMGUI but when I try to set the opengl context to the last supported by my computer which is 3.1, I get some errors and ultimately runs but the menu wasn’t show while the rest of the renders do (simple text on background) and also could interact with sliders although can’t see them.

I found some similar errors with Intel’s HD3000 GPU, so I look on the last release of IMGUI and notice a different render for gl3 that fix this, and after a lot of things that I even remember (night and cafeine) it works, and also shows the separator that i didn’t see on the lower gl context.

My doubt is about why cant use the gl3w in OF. I execute and do everything like in the opengl3 example from IMGUI but still getting errors in gl3w.c saying that a bunch of functions are undefined (i.e. PFNGLBINDTEXTUREPROC ), looking on the glcorearb.h file i see that when is parsed, those functions requested aren’t being declarated due existent definition of GL_VERSION_X_X, and including these files before the ofMain throw error with glew and gl.h previusly defined.

Thanks for your time xD

Well I still have many doubts but managed to organize and clean my code, quit using gl3w and let OF to handle that. Also update the ofxImGui addon, learning a lot in the process.

Here I let you some view of what i was working on. It was a simpleText sender with a few options. Implements SpoutSDK + ofxXMLSettings + ofxImGui