GL missing version

does anybody have any experience with this error? it pops up in the project i’m working on after sometime of running, it crashes and when you try to relaunch or recompile it gives : “GL missing version”, and does this for every other OF project after this

callstack says:

#0 ( 0x0000000000000000 in ??() (??:??)
#1 0x6231d5 ofSetVerticalSync(bool) () (??:??)
#2 0x451515 testApp::setup() () (??:??)
#3 0x5e7584 ofNotifySetup() () (??:??)
#4 0x623bf5 ofAppGlutWindow::runAppViaInfiniteLoop(ofBaseApp*) () (??:??)
#5 0x623568 ofRunApp(ofBaseApp*) () (??:??)
#6 ( 0x0000000000424c7a in main() (??:??)

this happens in OF0073
i’m on ubuntu 12.04 64bit

any help or input would be very much appreciated because i really don’t know where this comes from

It sounds like you have compiled before but just to check - have you ran the install_dependencies script successfully?