Gitignore to not exclude breakpoints of the project

Hello, I am using this gitgnore file to not include some “unnecessary” files that slows the push/pulls.
But when I switch to another computer the breakpoints are not in the project.
I suppose there’s some of my gitignore lines that is disabling this…

Where can I enable the store of breakpoints?
It’s a good idea? Or there will be some other unnecessary things that will be synced too?


## openFrameworks

#XCode 4




I think breakpoints (Breakpoints.xcbkptlist) are in the xcuserdata directory, so you might want to include that one.


At least for visual studio, it’s highly advised not to share user project files among users. I guess it’s okay if it’s a repo only you use. Also some database files can get quite big.

Don’t know if it’s the same for xcode.

yeah, breakpoints are a very user-specific thing, and as such shouldn’t be included in version control. that’s why xcuserdata/* is ignored, btw.

yes, but in my case I am the only coder; using 2 computers.
So, if I can enable the breakpoints syncs without adding “garbage” to the git sync I will include the folder.
That’s the poin’t, to know what other stuff is included in this folder, and if it’s a bad idea, i terms of a nice working git.

just never try to share your project with other people :smiley:
If you only want to include the breakpoints, and they are in a Breakpoints.xcbkptlist file as indicated above, you can try un-ignoring that specific file by prepending the path to it with ! in gitignore, so probably something like


or the other way round.

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