gitignore questions & suggestions

Hi folks,

So, my usual weekly git question… :wink:

I’ve been using the current latest .gitignore from the openframeworks master branch on github and have a couple of questions…

  1. In the root .gitignore, in the #xcode files section, should we add xcuserdata to ignore tracking Xcode4 user-dependent files, in the same way that *.pbxuser currently does for Xcode3?

  2. In addition to ignoring openFrameworks.a, openFrameworksDebug.a, openFrameworksUniversal.a, should we also ignore libofxiPhone_iphoneos_Debug.a, libofxiPhone_iphonesimulator_Debug.a, which are generated when building for iOS?

  3. For local development of our own projects, should we comment out…

#rule to avoid non-official addons going into git  
#see addons/.gitignore  


#rule to avoid non-official apps going into git  
#see apps/.gitignore  

…as it’s encouraged that new projects etc follow the existing structure (i.e. own apps within the “apps” folder). Maybe just adding an explanatory comment in the OF gitignore here would help remind users to comment these out for their own project development?

1, 2: don’t know (no macos experience)
3: no, why? look at addons/.gitignore (as it tells you to) - those ignores get cancelled there for the “official” addons, so only official addons go into the oF git repo. your own code should be tracked in a separate repo, with its own .gitignore, in your application’s directory.

Thanks for replying… the third question was really in the context of my own separate repo (local development of own projects) and taking the standard OF .gitignore as a starting point for a nice OF-ready .gitignore, rather than creating one from scratch.

ah, in that case, yes, you can kick that out - that path does not even exist in your repo anyway (it’s relative to the repo root.