Github master: GLFW Window moves to top-left when created

Hi there, I am just starting with OF and am using the github version, and under both Windows and OSX I find that the window jumps to the top-left when it’s first created (I see it created at a “reasonable window position” first, before it gets moved, which I guess has been decided by the O/S).

I have tracked this down to the following code in ofAppGLFWWindow::setup():


Where position.x and position.y are both 0 by default.

I could fix this by arranging for the position to be something other than 0, however I also think it’s OK for the O/S to decide where to put the window, as this looks fine to me under both Windows and OSX, using some sort of “don’t care about position” flag or state.

So I am posting to ask for advice, from more experienced users, about how to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance,

this is a bug, i’ve reported it in github:

OK cool. I’ve added a PR which solves the issue.