Github block on US sanctioned users

So it seems the situation is somewhat worse, I am currently in Iran temporarily (I travel here regularly, but live in Europe), I wanted to pull something from a repo which means I was logged into my account and I did not turn on my VPN - I was not expecting there to be repercussions, my github account was blocked purely from being in Iran. I am not Iranian, and have not been using github to work here. The policy seems to be that any user that accesses github from any sanctioned country is blocked automatically, I will begin the appeal process once I am back in Europe.

Needless to say this behavior is quite aggressive and adhering to the minefield of rules that make up US sanctions does not need to be this way - i.e. just because a user is in a geographic area and is using this service, in no way implies that they are actually working with any organization that is directly sanctioned. Talking to friends here in Iran, they have all had their github accounts blocked and are moving to other services.

Offering alternative solutions is a bit out of league, but I am more than happy to contribute to any cost that a change would take.

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