Github best practice

I’m still pretty fuzzy on git and I’m slowly learning…but my main use for the short term will be for my own apps, and being able to collaborate with a couple other people using the same build on our project.

Right now I’m doing this in a forked repo of OF, and I’m wondering if this a smart use of github? It’s my understanding that I can’t break anything outside my own fork, but I just want to make sure I’m not missing a better or more appropriate way to version/collaborate if I’m not making any changes (other than moving some libraries around for my own use) to OF itself. Do people create separate repos from the OF builds that only contain their apps, etc? I noticed that the git repo I have is set to “ignore” the apps folder so I thought maybe there was some rationale for that.

I guess I’d also like to make sure no one mistakes our fork for something useful, our project is a little messy at the moment :wink:


You can have other repos inside the apps folder. Take a look at this thread:

Thanks! that makes sense now, if Git ignores /myapps, that makes things a lot easier.