GigE Camera (ethernet)


we are going to develop an installation where
we will use a GigE camera (Ethernet) to track some objects.
I have seen a few topics about it, some IP camera addons
for oF but as far as I know Ethernet cameras are different
so I’m wondering if anybody has experience with it in oF.

Are you on mac or PC, there are a few options, but it is much better supported on PC. Try ofxVideoGrabber, but there are also some specific addons for individual manufacturers.

I believe you should touchbase with the experts of gigabit ethernet cameras, in order to be on the right track rather than deviating here and there and wasting your time.

Or else you should look around your social circle and ask if anyone has experience working with such cameras. This might get you a helpful feedback.

Gig-E is definitely not the same as IP cameras. last time I checked there wasn’t a cross platform open source Gig-E capture solution.

We’ve used Allied Gig-E Cameras on OS X via their legacy SDK and they work great. Can’t speak to other brands.