[GIFS!] Installation in The Hague/Stockholm


My name is Thomas, I just wanted to show of the project I’m working on. It is an installation that will run on two connected LED screens between Stockholm and The Hague. Players initially see their own ‘reflection’ on the screen, but they can “tear through” to the other side by moving vigorously. This will create a rift that can be expanded by pulling on it, but it will slowly recede.

Wireframe of the light shapes:

I’ll post as I go :smile:


I love the shape and the lighting ! It feels so much like what you would expect from a rift in space :slight_smile:

Worked on opening new rifts and healing/fading out old ones. Creating a new tear is harder than growing one, it requires moving around non-stop for a little while. So I have to store a recent motion “history” to determine whether players are really putting in the work ^^. Then, when the rift is small enough—thank you ofPolyline.getArea()—I start fading it out. I’m also really satisfied with my simple method for drawing the lights. Just drawing a mesh with vertex colors (and BLENDMODE_ADD) is super effective.

@silverbahamut it’s what we expect because it’s what scifi movies have taught us :wink:

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Really nice work @noio and thanks for posting your in process shots too! These kinds of examples are so great for the community to see! Keep up the awesome work.

I love the gifs… immediately give you a sense of what it’s about!

such a great idea – really nice work !

This is what it looks like when a person from the other side breaks through, the lights are now controlled by the players (i.e. they radiate from the position of a player’s hands).


Nice idea, it would be interesting to know how audio is being handled.

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There is none :slight_smile: