Ghosting effect?

Good day,
I recently started studying openframeworks, after being inspired by a demo, I saw at a museum. I am not quite sure what this effect is called or what algorithm might be used for generating this effect. I saw a kinect being used for acquiring images. My guess is that kinect is used to get the disparity map of the area and then openframeworks is used to analyze objects close to screen and then the effect is generated.
I will appreciate if someone can help me identify what is the correct term for this effect and if possible direct me in the right direction to finding the used algorithms.

Thanks a lot.

Hi, welcome to the OF forum.
it is quite hard to tell exactly from a single image, although I can guess that the kinect was being used to acquire the RBG image and mask it somehow using the depth. (you can get the mask to be used for masking through simple depth threshold or background substraction, or some other fancy algorithm, there are plenty of working examples around, and here in the forum. (for masking look at alpha masking. There is an example even for this). Then this masked image is drawn into an fbo which is being moved around with, probably a shader, so you get this trail effect. Look at the example examples/gl/fboTrailsExample on how to achieve this trail thing.
hope this helps

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Thank you very much for pointing me in right direction. I will get familiar to those examples and update as I make progress.