Getting video stream from Xinea camera

Hello, I’m trying to read the video stream from a Xinea camera on macOS.

What I have tried is to download I have added ofxXimea/include to the project, “General” tab:

And, after changhing the line in ofxXimea.h from #include <m3api/xiApi.h> to #include <xiApi.h> , I have this error:
addons/ofxXimea/src/ofxXimea.cpp:47:5: Use of undeclared identifier ‘xiGetDeviceInfoString’

I have also tried to add the mp3api.framework in the project, “General” tab

but it does not work.

Anyone have used this camera before?
I’ve seen but there is no an example and it looks like it is thought to work with another addon. It is also 5 years old or not.