Getting video frames to call void ofImage_::drawSubsection

I am looking at trying to load in a video and get the frames so I can use them in a vector of ofImage. I want to be able to play back a section of the video by calling drawSubsection(). I would want to play back multiple sections from multiple videos eventually.

So far I have this. This plays back the video fine if I call player.draw(...);. But calling any part of the sequence vector to draw with drawSubsection shows a rectangle in the correct dimensions but a blank black rectangle.

                ofVideoPlayer player;
                vector <ofImage> sequence;
                for(int i= 0;i < player.getTotalNumFrames();i++ )
                    ofImage image;
                    image.allocate(player.getWidth(), player.getHeight(), OF_IMAGE_COLOR);
        //IN DRAW
            void ofApp::draw(){

                for (int i = 0; i < sequence.size(); i++){
                    sequence[0].drawSubsection(50, 100, 100, 100, 0, 0);

Any advice would be great!

I recently found a simple solution by loading in a video and drawing a subsection of that by getting the pixels of the current frame of video then setting an ofImage to those pixels. The result being that the video plays but only shows the section that was specified with drawSubsection.

Here is the simple code

void ofApp::setup(){


void ofApp::update(){


void ofApp::draw(){

    if (video.isFrameNew()){
        ofPixels pixels = video.getPixels();
    image.drawSubsection(300, 400, 100, 100, 300, 400);