Getting the Kinect V2 to connect to OS X

Hi! I’m really new to openFrameworks and am having trouble getting the Kinect V2 set up on my MacBook.

I have plugged it into my MacBook and nothing is turning on the camera.

When trying to run the example from ‘ofxKinect2’ add on from GitHub it comes up with the problem ‘linker command failed with exit code 1’. (my guess something to do with no connection to the camera, but I may be mistaken).

I haven’t ever used this kinect before so not sure if it’s broken or I can’t get it to connect.

Any help would be great here, thank you!

Hi, have you followed all the steps mentioned on the addon github page, like flashing the firmware, checking for usb-3 ports etc.? To test if the kinect is broken or not, its probably easiest to test it on windows with the official microsoft tools. Also, i’m not sure if the addon is compatible with the latest openframeworks 0.10.x version, but i have it working fine here on of 0.9.8 with a macbook running el capitan.

It says… ‘Kinect needs to have flashed firmware ( this currently needs to be done on Windows 8 )’. Does this mean I can’t flash the firmware on my mac? Also I don’t how to flash the firmware (or exactly what it is). I’m very new to this.

I have checked ‘USB’ in system report, but nothing shows up there.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to any windows tools at my residence but can try test it somewhere else to see if it works at some point soon.

There is some additional info here, regarding the firmware flashing:

Apparently this needs to be done by using the official Microsoft Kinect SDK on a Windows System (this worked for me, but its quite a while ago, so i don’t remember all the details).


apologies for the late reply.

Tonight I am going to try to flash the Kinect firmware tonight but only have access to a computer with Windows 7 (and maybe one with 10). Do you think this will be a problem as on the pages it keeps referring it specifically to windows 8?

If you haven’t replied in the meantime, I will give it a go and will let you know if I have succeeded or not

I have managed to get it working now!

Thank you for your help!

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