Getting started

Hi guys.

I’ve just heard about openframeworks and downloaded it. I know some C++ and have been working a bit with OpenCV, but I really miss material about how to get started with openframeworks. How do you make your own projects and assembly everything in one IDE. I could really need some tutorials for that, but it seems like almost none exist. How did you guys get started with openframeworks?

did you read this? it’s an easy walkthrough for the supproted IDEs.

Yeah I checked out all the pages in here. Also the wiki, but still I have a hard time figuring how to program my own motion tracking for example. Im wondering why it’s so hard to find code examples etc. I haven’t found any site yet, which contain all the code for color tracking or something similar.

I think it’s really hard to figure out how to use the different addons. How do you know what the different addons do and so on. It’s really hard to get an in depth understanding of how openframeworks works! I feel pretty lost to be honest.

so you can actually open and run the examples right?

using addons is not hard: you simply have to add the sources and link the libraries, just like you would in any c++ project.

speaking about motion tracking: the easiest thing would be to just run the opencv example and look at the code. you’ll see how to make a background subtraction and extract the contours, which are very basic operations you’ll need in lots computer vision tasks. depending on what you want to do there are lots of other techniques supported inside opencv: optical flow, meanshift, motion templates, etc… looking on the forum you’ll see a few examples, but you’d probably better learn how this techniques work before trying to use them.